Environmental management

Cia Müller adopts several measures to preserve nature and mitigate environmental impacts.
The first policy leading the beverage market aiming at consumer satisfaction in line with moral and sustainable development.

Voluntary adherence to the Agro-Environmental Protocol, which aims to recognize some of the main points to mitigate the impacts of the sugarcane culture, such as:

→ Anticipating the deadlines for eliminating the burning of sugarcane straw;

→ Protection of forest remnants of springs and riparian forests;

→ Erosion control and good land-use practices;

→ Proper management of pesticide packaging and reduction of water consumption at the industrial stage.

ISO 14001 certification in all its units. We aim to obtain an accurate environmental performance and strictly follow the legislation, aiming at sustainable solutions and evolution in improving processes.

Maintenance of Legal Reserve and Permanent Preservation (APP) areas protected by vegetation to preserve water resources, landscape, biodiversity and facilitate the migration of fauna and flora, covering the characteristics of the soil and ensuring the well-being of populations. That is why all units control their effluents supported by current legislation.

Management of industrial solid waste based on the 3R philosophy (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). Cia. Müller regularly implements internal actions to maintain a positive balance between the inevitable generation of waste and its environmental impact.

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