Responsible consumption

Responsible consumption

Producing quality beverages is rooted in our history. But Cia. Müller believes that its role in society goes further. One of our main fields of activity is collaborating with responsible consumption. Excessive intake by minors, pregnant women, and associated with driving is not consistent with our business philosophies and practices. In defense of this responsibility and compliance with the laws that regulate the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages, we elaborated an educational manual with relevant tips and practices regarding the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. In this document, you will find a list of 51 medical and scientific information described by the psychiatrist and researcher Prof. Dr. Arthur Guerra de Andrade.

Educational manual Responsible comsumption

No Excess

No Excess is an educational project developed by the Brazilian Beverage Association – ABRABE, responsible for launching “Celebrate with Success, Without Excess”. The campaign has educational messages on various consumer platforms. No Excess has an interactive environment and values ​​moderate and responsible consumption of alcoholic drinks.


CONAR – National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation is a non-governmental organization that regulates advertising in Brazil. He judges and complies with the specific rules for the regular use of advertising, responding to all complaints and submitting them to a judgment carried out by the Ethics Council. Cia. Müller develops all  your guided advertising communication  in the CONAR rules, strictly following its guidelines.


ABRABE – Brazilian Beverage Association – works to join the aspirations of national and foreign industries, seeking the regulation of fair taxes. It guarantees associated companies the ethical conduct of their business, respecting free competition and providing expansion of investments, stimulating social responsibility, and fighting counterfeiting and practices contrary to the free market. Cia. Müller, as an ABRABE associate, endorses all practices and joins it, aiming at the best conditions for the beverage industry.

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