CIA Müller

CIA Müller

The mission to think good ideas.
The transformation has always been part of our mission and has resulted in several changes in the last five decades of our history. In the beginning, we were a small company with the challenge of bottling drinks. At present, there are three industrial centers with distribution centers spread throughout Brazil, with approximately 1,300 employees. What never changed were the values that the founder, Guilherme Müller Filho, held and fostered during our course, becoming a lead company in the field of distilled beverages.

Purpose and values

Cia. Müller exists to distill the best of each moment.
  • Transparency
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Criativity and innovation
  • Courage
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
CIA Müller

Code of Conduct

The Müller Company's Code of Conduct translates the ethical principles and rules that guide its actions with its consumers, employees, customers, suppliers, and public authorities. Compliance with the code's guidelines goes hand in hand with the contributions of employees, aiming at its improvement, in addition to the daily and continuous development of our work method, always striving excellence. We are committed to complying with it to ensure the integrity, transparency, and reliability of Companhia Müller de Bebidas, thus strengthening our image, reputation, and respect among all.


Cia Müller's Ombudsman is a channel created for customers and suppliers to register suggestions, compliments, complaints, or claims regarding the company's conduct. Your contact is confidential. To speak with our ombudsman, click here and feel free to express yourself. We are willing to change any bad impressions and respond to all types of requests.
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