Our legitimate Cachaça has conquered the four corners of the world.

What was just an attempt in the early 1990s has taken on huge proportions and reached intangible dimensions. With the export of Cachaça 51, Cia. Müller crossed the planet taking with it a Good Idea. Currently, the product is found in more than 50 countries around the world and, for the most part, it holds the leadership in the category, repeating the success achieved in green-yellow lands.

Today, we export around 5% of what we produce, supported by the philosophy of taking Cachaça 51 to an international level, which legitimizes its position as the absolute leader in Brazil and makes it one of the most popular spirits brands in the world.


Cachaça 51 has an exclusive version for export, sold in 70 cl and 100 cl bottle formats. Produced in its own distillery, it follows the strict quality control that runs through the entire production chain of Cia. Müller. This rigidity in quality control begins in the sugarcane planting process and continues throughout the year, with the application of specialized cultivation techniques, capturing its highest level of maturation.

The worldwide success that extols our Brazilianness from end to end is the result of some of its main ingredients: versatility and originality. Cachaça 51 is appreciated pure or in a multitude of combinations, ranging from fruit to sweet flavors. In addition, it is the basis of one of the most famous drinks in the world, genuinely Brazilian, the caipirinha. 

 To contact us, send an email to export51@ciamuller.com.br

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